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Wisconsin Plant of the Week

. . .  a photographic guide to native and introduced vascular plant species, growing without cultivation in Wisconsin.

Each Plant of the Week comes with  . . .

  • Easy-to-see characters that help you recognize the species in the field
  • Tips to identify the species at different times of the year
  • How to recognize other species in the same plant family
  • Ecological characters -- where it grows, what this plant tells you about where it’s growing
  • Its range in Wisconsin and beyond
  • Origin of the scientific and common names
  • Wetland Indicator Status, based on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service categories for Region 3
  • Index of Conservatism, based on Swink and Wilhelm’s Floristic Quality

This Week’s Plant takes you to the most recent species posted.
Archive takes you to an index of past species by date, family, species and common name.
Site Info explains botanical nomenclature, distinctions among native, introduced, invasive and protected species, and includes references and a map of Wisconsin counties.

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This page is supported in part by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Last update -- October 14, 2002
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Earth laughs in flowers. -- Emerson

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